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Namibia: Na plaży znaleziono ponad 5 tys. martwych małych fok

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Tysiące martwych szczeniąt fok znaleziono na plażach w Namibii. Badacze pobrali próbki i analizują co mogło być przyczyną śmierci kolonii na taką skalę.

Plaża w Pelican Point w Namibii pełna jest martwych młodych fok, -poinformował Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) w swoim poście na Instagramie.

Nagranie z drona zrobione przez OCN pokazuje tę katastrofę. 

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This is the situation at Pelican Point. All the little red circles mark dead seal pups. A rough estimate brings the numbers to more than 5000 at our seal colony alone. This is tragic, as it makes up a large portion of the new pup arrivals expected in late November. OCN has been assisting the Officials with sample collections and surveys, and hopefully we can get some answers soon.

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{GRAPHIC CONTENT} We are sitting at the cusp of a catastrophe. There are literally thousands of seal pups being born prematurely and dying almost immediately. This is a natural phenomenon - meaning that when the pregnant female feels she does not have enough reserves, she can abort her fetus. This happens every year to a few individuals, but never on this scale! We also cannot rule out the presence of toxins or disease, so we have been working around the clock with some amazing scientists and the @namibiandolphinproject collecting samples and doing drone surveys to measure the extent. We will keep you updated on our findings???? Note: all the small black spots on the drone photos are dead pups....

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